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4th floor, building A, no.72 xiashi road, zhongcun street, panyu distr
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P R China
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Ceramic and quartz infrared heating element and corresponding infrared heating application system
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Ceramicx infrared heating products include:
Long-wave ceramic infrared heaters
Medium-wave quartz heaters
Medium-wave quartz tungsten heating tubes
Short-wave quartz halogen heating tubes
Ceramicx also manufacture custom Infrared heating systems to any customers needs. Mainly used in the plastic and rubber industry, for thermoforming, composite material heating and material preheating, across automotive, aerospace, packaging.
Heat is often the pain point for our customers. Testing can indicate the optimum type of emitter (short wave, medium wave, or long wave) and how effective that material is at absorbing and transmitting radiation based on the thermal gradient across its thickness. This information is fundamental when choosing the correct heating element. Every infrared ceramic and quartz element you buy from us comes with its own unique data bank of quality assurance information.

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