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2301A,Tower B Dawning Centre,500 Hongbaoshi Road, Shanghai,China
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P R China
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Extension of automotive lamp non-base coat;Cup holder;Parts of console box;Engine cover;Swich;boots
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The Engineering Plastics Operating Department is engaged in the development of engineering plastics by applying TOYOBO's polymerization and compounding technologies,to meet a wide range type of needs,expecially in the automotive parts.
VYLOPET:Non-Reinforced PBT,Reinforced PBT/PET alloy.High heat resistance,Rigidity,Good surface appearance and Good cost-performance;
TOYOBO NYLON:is a high-performance polyamide resin.
PELPRENE:is an engineering elastomer,that combines the features of rubbers and engineering plastics.It's available in flame retardant,heat resistance and weather resistance grade.The range of working temperatures is the widest in thermoplastic elastomer.
VYLOAMIDE:is a biomass polyamide.High melting temperature,Heat distortion temperature,A lower moisture regain and good dimension stability.
Application:Parts for Automotive,Machine,Home appliance,Electronics,Dust and Hose,and wire coating;

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