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No.336, Chuangxin Road, Qingbaijiang Industrial Park,610300, Chengdu, China
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P R China
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Flame retardant, Functional Masterbatches, Lubricants, Non-halogen organic flame retardant, Processing auxiliaries
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Silicone masterbatch

Pelletized fomulation with ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in various thermoplastics matrix, such as LDPE,EVA,TPEE,HDPE,ABS,PP,PA6,PET,TPU,HIPS,POM,LLDPE,PC,SAN,etc. Widely use... [More]

Anti-scratch masterbatch

Improve the scratch resistance of products, applied in automotive interior parts, instrument panels, bumpers, seals, home appliance shells and mobile phone tablet PC shells, etc. Improve processing pr... [More]


Silicone-based thermoplastic elastomer(Si-TPV)

Newly developed thermoplastic elastomer, no softening oil, with excellent surface feel, scratch resistance and excellent weather resistance. Typical applications: electronic and electrical product cas... [More]

Silicone wax

Copolymerization of polysiloxane and other alkyl monomers, improve the compatibility of polysiloxane and plastics, improve the dispersion efficiency, and at the same time is more enriched on the surfa... [More]

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