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Jing Hao Plastic Additives CO. ,Ltd Jing Hao Plastic Additives CO. ,Ltd Jing Hao Plastic Additives CO. ,Ltd
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P R China
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Ageing stabilizers, Antistatic agents, Biobased plastics, Biodegradable plastics, Crosslinking agents, Flame retardant, Functional Masterbatches, Initiators, Nucleating agents, Plastics deodorants
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Jing Hao Plastic Additives CO. ,Ltd

助剂系列:透明剂、 增白剂、 除味剂、抗紫外线剂、 抗氧化剂、 防缩水剂、 抗菌防霉剂、 发泡剂、 开口剂、 静电剂、 光稳定剂、 分散剂、 光亮剂、流变剂、PVC润滑剂、PA尼龙耐高温剂等各种助剂; 功能母粒系列:防老化母粒、紫外线母粒、抗静电母粒、开口母粒、 增透明母粒、香味母粒、增白母粒、抗菌防霉母粒、增刚母粒、增挻母粒、消光母粒、阻燃母粒、增韧耐寒母粒、增粘母粒、光扩散母粒、... [More]
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