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Wuhan East Lake Development Zone, Optical Valley Road 303, Optical Valley Core Center Building  2-07 , Room 1103
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P R China
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Stroboscope packaging printer's eyes
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This instrument used to measure movement of object, when strobe flash speed same with high speed moving object, what we see is a relatively static state. Under this principle we can clearly observed movement of the gear wheels, working condition of all kinds of rotor.
This instrument is also widely used in packaging and printing industry, check printing quality, die cutting, punching, folding; Used for textile spinning and winding machine spindle speed measurement; Used in machinery manufacturing non-contact speed oscillation amplitude and vibration frequency measurement, detection, tool wear and machining center; Can also be used in aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, printing, mining, shipbuilding, steel cable, chemical, optical, medical and other industries.

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