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Impact modifiers
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CPE (chlorinated polyethylene)135A

CPE(chlorinated polyethylene) 135A is mainly used as impact modifier of hard PVC.It can increase high tensile strength and flexibility of PVC .Mainly used to manufacture PVC water pipes and fittings,a... [More]

CPE 135B

CPE(chlorinated polyethylene) 135B is mainly used to mix with rubber at any proportion to produce wire sleeve and conveyer belt.It has the characteristic of low plasticizing temperature,low ML viscosi... [More]


jumbo bag,FIBC,bulk bag

Jumbo bag(FIBC,bulk bag) is convenient to load and ship and increase work efficiency.Used to fill granule and powder stuff,such as chemicals,fertilizer,seed,cement,etc.

BOPP/wpp bag,BOPP/poly bags,AD star bags

BOPP/wpp bags,BOPP/poly bags,AD star bags,block bottom bags mainly used to fill high valuable granular or powder material,such as fertilizer,chemical,seeds,etc.

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