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BU XIN JI Industrial Zone No.3 fenggang town dongguan
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P R China
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Antistatic agents, Flame retardant, Inorganic flame retardant, Other additives
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Laser engraving

Apulsed laserbeamof highenergy is generated by laser generators. Laser markingadditives makethe light convert into the heat energywhen the beamacting on thematerialsto bemarked. At the same time, thei... [More]

antibacterial agent

Iniferine is a natural anti-free radical compound that can resist the binding of foreign molecules to copperions to avoid the oxidation of copperions and prevent the formation of melanin


antistatic agent

It is a kind of surfactant with special ionic properties and the reaction of the adhesive to the surface coated antistatic agent antistatic high efficiency and low humidity does not affect the table

fire retardant

This series of products is a kind of environmental protection halogen-free flame retardant with phosphorus and nitrogen as flame retardant elements. Contains acid source, gas source, carbon source; Ad... [More]

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