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11F, Building D, No. 606, Ninglu Road, Nanjing Jiangbei New Area
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P R China
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(LCP) Liquid crystal polymer, (PEEK) Polyetheretherketone, (PES) Polyethersulfone, (PPSU) Polyphenylene sulfone, (PSF/PSU) Polysulfone
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Liquid crystal polymer pure resin

Qingyan liquid crystal polymer LCP pure resin: it covers low temperature, medium and high temperature pure resin, and can also produce type I, type II and type III liquid crystal polymer. The liquid c... [More]

Liquid crystal polymer LCP film grade resin

Qingyan liquid crystal polymer LCP membrane grade pure resin: it has been used in several major companies for the production of LCP film, and the LCP film developed has excellent performance. Its diel... [More]


Liquid crystal polymer LCP modifier

Qingyan liquid crystal polymer LCP modified material: Qingyan LCP glass mineral fiber modified product has excellent performance and stable quality, which is widely used in electronic connector indust... [More]

Liquid Crystal Polymer

Nanjing Qingyan polymer new materials Co., Ltd. is one of the few independent polymerization manufacturers of 10000 ton special engineering plastics in China. At present, it mainly produces liquid cry... [More]

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