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P R China
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EasyPurge Purging Compound
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EasyPurge is a new technology chemical Screw purging compound. It has passed the FDA Review and the TSCA Certification. Easy purge is a ready-to-use purging compound, it mainly consists of the purging concentrate agent and carrier, it reacts with heat, quickly and effectively cleaning machinery without extra soak time, (only 60 to 90 seconds needed) downtime, Greatly improve the production efficiency. Easy Purge works by changing temperature to react with the contaminants inside your machine. These contaminants are then safely ejected without harming the screws, barrels and even hot runner system.
Easypurge can help you solve:
1) Black specks & accumulated carbide in Barrel& Nozzle.
2) Change Colors.
3) Remove Materials.
4) Daily Maintenance.
Free Samples will be sent for your evaluation!

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