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ErJing Road,Developing & Experiencing zone,YuanBaoShan District,ChiFen Inner Mongolia,China
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P R China
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Flame Retrdants, UV Stabilizer, Antioxidant, Synergist in fire-retardant, Acetaldehyde Scavenger
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Established in 1988 with headquarter in Shanghai and 3 production bases located in Inner Mongolia,Hebei and Hubei ,
Openchem / Totai is a Professional Producer of Flame Retrdants,UV Stabilizer,Antioxidant and speical additives for polymers.
Our core products are
Flame Retardants ( KEBFR 68 BDDP Tetrabromobisphenol A bis(2,3-dibromopropyl ether), KEBFR 65 Octabromobisphenol-S, KEBFR 130 as new replacement of HBCD, KEBFR 245, KEOFR MCA Melamine Cyanurate,KELFR BDP Bisphenol A-bis (diphenyl phosphate),KEMFOS 50 65 IPPP Isopropylphenyl phosphate)
UV Stabilizer (OUVIN 1164, OUVIN 1577) ,KEMYL 97 Dicumene as Synergist in fire-retardant and Catalyst for polymers Crosslinking & Grafting,
Acetaldehyde Scavenger.

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