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Since its foundation in France 25 years ago, ENMA has been focused on solutions to plastic recycling and regeneration, including wood, plastics, paper, biology, consumer waste, commercial disposal, industrial waste as well as other special application. We make our effort on developing sustainable environmental protection technology and ensure all the above-mentioned materials recycled and reusable to the maximum extent. We define our products as five sections including transporting(TransportTech), granulating(BestgrindTech), washing(WashingTech), pelletizing(E-Loop), separating(SeperateTech). You are sure to find better solution from ENMA via single machine, complicated system or the whole plant recycling system. With the development of the company and the expansion of the market, European of France moved company group to Shanghai, China, and combine resources with JIAZHENG company to set up ENMA Granulator (China) Co., to create sustainable resource recycling technology in China.

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