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Compared with traditional moulds, Cube moulds have the following advantages: 1. Produce highly complex parts (single color/material or multi-color/material) on a machine. 2. Twice the number of cavities available with the same mounting surface. 3. Use fewer or smaller machines to meet the required output. 4. The clamping force is halved. 5. Individual process steps (such as filling, cooling and part removal) can be implemented simultaneously. 6. Cycle time can be reduced by approx. 30% or more. etc... Compared with others on the market, Vasantha Cube moulds have faster cycle time and do not need use special injection machine customized for Cube moulds. Faster Cycle time can help customers increase their production by more than 3 times (vs. traditional moulds), and provide customers more flexibility to use the existing machines for production. Thereby, it can help FMCG customers save the investment and operation costs in order to improve their ROI.

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