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Model No.

NHS Series / NH Series / AH Series

Product Details

Model No.

NHS Series / NH Series / AH Series

Good balance of each gate
FISA needle valve nozzle, because the pressure in each nozzle is the same, the needle valve will open at the same time. There will be no poor forming caused by gate imbalance.
Reliable nozzle closure
The needle valve is operated by the spring force to completely close the nozzle. No problems with wire drawing and gate protrusion
There is no retention of plastic in the nozzle runner
The flow path of the nozzle adopts a streamlined shape to prevent the plastic from staying and affecting the quality of the injection parts. The outer ring heater prevents the formation of semi-dissolved plastic in the nozzle.
Mold thickness can be greatly reduced
The injection pressure and spring elasticity are used as the power system to control the gate switch, and no external driving device is required, so the die thickness can be greatly reduced
Mold center point gate setting is possible
When the external drive device such as the cylinder is not perfectly set up

Company Details


Anda Sci-Tech.Park,NO.198,Jinshan-Road,New-District
Suzhou,China (Postal Code: 215004)




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