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Product advantage
1. The product has high purity, low free acid value and good lubricity.
2. Have excellent lubricity, improve the production efficiency of products, improve product quality and quantity, reduce the overall cost of enterprises.
3. In hard plastic products can improve the coagulation speed, but also can be used for food packaging, medical equipment and other non-toxic soft film, at the same time with a stabilizer effect, good long-term stability.
4. It is widely used abroad to improve the resistance to heating, weather resistance, initial colouring and air permeability. It will replace the toxic stabilizer with the same properties.
We have, professional quality, 17 years of production experience, so that your choice is more assured

Application area

1, PVC heat stabilizer and lubricant; Non-toxic soft films and apparatus required for food packaging, medical instruments, etc.
2, used as a halogen absorber for polyethylene and polypropylene to eliminate the adverse effect

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Taocheng District, Hengshui City, Hebei Province
衡水市桃城区东辛庄 (Postal Code: 053000)




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