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Product Details

UsageFully-Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine is used to produce disposable water drinking cups, ice-cream cups, disposable cup/bowl for yogurt, lids, dishes, plates and etc.

1.The stretching plug inside of the upper mould is controlled by Air cylinder.
2.The sheet feeding is controlled by normal motor with encode.
3.Adopts Four pillars to fix the mould, more stable.
4.The upper mould is fixed and the under movement is driven by servo motor
5.Each area temperature is controlled by one Temperature controller
6.All processing steps (sheet feeding,heating , stretching , forming , in-mould cutting ) are full-automatic.
7.Machine frame adopts Square steel, more stronger and steady.
8.One machine can produce different kinds of products with different moulds.
9.The operation is controlled by PLC & Touch Screen

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