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Extra-High Speed Three Sides Seal Bag Making Machine

Extra-High Speed Three Sides Seal Bag Making Machine

Product Details

This machine is suitable for various heat compound film to make more array of 3 sides seal pouch
in transverse and longitudinal direction.
The whole machine controled by PLC. Preset functions available as bagging speed and length,
temperature, count, batch counting, punch, multiple conveyance, finished product carry, breakdown
alarm and urgent stop in case of trouble.
Main and auxiliary traction length seting al uses AC servo motor and servo driver from Panasonic
Unwind traction motor applies auto control of AC inverter, photoelectric sensor deviation rectifying and
control system of constant tension.
The machine is equipped with imported photoelectric sensor for auto tracking and position detecting.
It also has multiple conveyance and double ironing function.

Company Details


Longxing Industrial Zone, Yuepu, Chaoshan road, Jinping District, Shantou, Guangdong.


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