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Product Details

The standard VST/ HDT is partially automated with a motorized measuring head lifting platform and weight support. It is designed for industrial operation.
The device is used for standard-compliant measurement of VST (Vicat Softening Temperature) and HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature) according to international standards. It is available in two versions with 3 (Standard 3) or 6 (Standard 6) measuring stations. For the first time, it is possible to measure the HDT of composites according to ISO 75-3 using transverse supports.
High-temperature-stable silicone oil is used as the heat transfer medium. An integrated exhaust ensures that oil vapors are extracted in a controlled manner and optionally cleaned with a filter.
The optimized oil bath achieves even better oil distribution and an even more precise heating gradient.
Operation is optionally via the integrated touch panel or the associated Windows software.

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