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Product Details

Highly-compact pivoting frame system with wear-free, brushless drive technology for the highest control accuracy and control dynamics.
Can be combined with various sensors:
-FR 46 infrared edge sensor for tissue and non-woven fabric
-FR 61 infrared wide band sensor for paper and non-woven fabric with fre-quent format change
-FX 46 ultrasonic edge sensor for paper and transparent plastic materials
-FE 52 color line sensor for printed webs with line or color contrasts
Can be connected to EL.NET control systems via Ethernet in star or line topology;
Optionally with integrated eldbus interface Ethernet/IP, Ethernet UDP or Pro net;
Simple service and diagnostics option using web-based management with a standard web browser;
Intuitive operation due to graphical touch operating panel.

Company Details


No.468 Fucheng Road Xiasha District, Hangzhou
Economic & Technological Development Area,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang




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