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Metallic Spray-Free Surface Material for Plastic Co-extrusion

Metallic Spray-Free Surface Material for Plastic Co-extrusion

Product Details

To meet the needs of improving the mechanical performance and aesthetics, the surface of plastic products needs to be sprayed. Spraying usually plays the role in beautification, covering, and protection. However, the solvent used in spraying harms the operator's health and the environment. Spraying also means more production steps, high costs, low yield rate, and low efficiency. Plastic products after spraying have poor recycling performance that can prevent reuse.

Therefore, SIVO has developed a metallic spray-free surface material for plastic co-extrusion, which can achieve a metallic effect on the surface directly through co-extrusion without a flow mark or welding line. No need to spray after extrusion, this can greatly reduce the production cycle and costs.

Application Features
Co-extrusion can be used not only for the resin of the same type but for different types.

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