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The Gold zinczinc oxide researched and produced by Zhongmaosheng Chemical Institute is all in line with or better than Gb/t 3185-2016 national standard, it has been widely used in many well-known enterprises in the fields of precision optical glass, medicine, precision electronics, soft magnets, chemical intermediates, petroleum, rubber products, etc. , among them, not pan-china energy-saving, Gujia, Baosteel, State Grid, India Tower, Jiangsu Jinshiyuan and other well-known enterprises in the industry. At present, the network of research camps has already covered Ningbo, Jiangsu, Hubei and Japan, and has actively extended the depth and width of research and development, entering a more rigorous and broader field of industry, to become the zinc oxide field to participate in domestic and international market competition and segmentation of the new power.

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