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The plastics and rubber industry is experiencing rapid development, with tens of thousands of innovative technologies set to be showcased at CHINAPLAS. How does plastic and rubber technologies affect the end-user industries? How can we grasp industry development trends? Which technologies are useful for you? What suggestions do industry experts have for future development and solving production problems?
The show organizer, in response to market demands in various application sectors of the plastics and rubber industry, are hosting a series of conferences & forums focusing on hot topics. These activities aim to showcase innovations and breakthroughs in the plastics and rubber industry from multiple perspectives and drive high-quality development.

In 2024, what are the innovative technologies in plastics and rubber industry? They are Dow Chemical's low-odor, high-performance foaming materials, Teijin Group's medical industry alternatives to metal using long fiber materials, AGC Group's high-performance rubber material Aflas®, and more. With the release of 30 technologies covering areas such as automotive, packaging, and 3D printing, one can quickly grasp the industry's development trends.

Medical Plastics Conference which will be held on 24 April gathers worldwide industry leaders and scientific research experts to introduce advanced materials suitable for various demanding applications in the medical industry as well as domestic alternative materials. Medical devices representatives will share practical cases for explanation. Medical device companies interested in export market development must not miss the opportunity for overseas expert to analyze the updates and impacts of biocompatibility regulations.

Co-organized by the Hong Kong Mould and Die Council and CHINAPLAS, this event showcases the innovations in the Hong Kong mold industry in the context of the new industrial era. It includes presentations from ACE mold, a subsidiary of Berry Global, a Fortune 500 company, which will share insights on increasing product value within the production cycle. Hongrita, a leading player in the mold industry, will present advanced solutions for liquid silicone and multi-material applications. The Hong Kong Productivity Council will also share significant contributions to mold and plastic innovations under the new industrialization, empowering the industry.

This is a gathering of industry experts in the field of injection molding, molds, and hot runners, presenting a sharing session on molding process solutions. Renowned suppliers such as HAITIAN, Barnes Molding Solutions, HUSKY, DAKUMAR Machinery, Kaihua Molds, JMT Mould, and EMAN Software will showcase the latest technological advancements in the molding industry, practical solutions, and share real-world application cases.
Additionally, Guangzhou Automobile Group and Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics will share insights from the perspective of end-use plastic application companies, discussing practical production issues, solutions, and the development trends of plastics in the automotive and medical fields. Make sure not to miss this feast of molding process technologies.

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