Exhibition Health Screening and Shanghai Immigration & Quarantine Requirements

Face mask should be worn any time during your visit to the trade fair.

In order to ensure the health and safety of everyone participating in the exhibition, according to the requirements of relevant Chinese authorities, all visitors must be real-name authenticated and checked for health status documents on-site.

Visitors with a PRC Resident Identity Card:


PRC Resident Identity Card


Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate for COVID-19 issued within 48 hours


Green health code on “Shanghai QR Code”

Visitors holding foreign passports / Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macau Residents / Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents:


Identity Document (e.g. Passport / Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents / Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents)


Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate for COVID-19 issued within 48 hours


Green Health Code on “Shanghai QR Code”

If you fail to provide the documents, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission according to the government’s policy. The admission fee paid will not be refunded.

Remarks: Completed vaccination for COVID-19 is recommended

Please note: All the policies and measures are subjected to changes. The below information is FOR REFERENCE ONLY.

Latest update on: 15th Feb, 2022

From foreign countries to Shanghai


All foreign visitors to PR China must apply for a visa and comply with the health requirement on entering the Chinese mainland. Regarding the detailed requirement and policies of specific countries or regions, please refer to Chinese Visa Application Service Center: https://www.visaforchina.org/

 Resumption of Visa Processing for Vaccinated Persons

Various Chinese embassies and consulates have announced an easing of visa restrictions for persons who can prove they have completed a full vaccination regimen using a COVID-19 vaccine recognized by Chinese authorities. Foreign nationals holding proof of vaccination may apply for a visa to travel to Mainland China for the resumption of work or for other permitted activities without producing additional documentation such as letters of invitation. This policy only applies to visa processing services offered by Chinese embassies and consulates in select locations. Travelers should contact their local Chinese embassy or consulate to determine if they are eligible to apply.

In addition, all visa free transit services have been suspended. This includes the ‘24/72/144-hour visa-free transit policy’ and the ‘15-day visa-free policy for foreign cruise group tours through Shanghai Port’.

 Invitation Letter for VISA Application

We (the organizer) assist our visitors in applying for a visa by issuing our company's invitation letter, and visitors may apply this letter by filling in the application form.(Click Here)


All passengers (including those travelling on a diplomatic basis) departing from/transiting through nominated countries to all destinations in the Chinese mainland, are required to take a nucleic acid COVID-19 test and IgM anti-body tests within 48 hours of the scheduled time of departure of the flight to the Chinese mainland. The test should be taken at institutions in the city of departure and designated or recognised by relevant Chinese embassies or consulates.

Those who test negative will need to apply for a green health code with an "HS" marking or a health declaration letter and present it at check-in prior to acceptance. Passengers should be referred to the local Chinese mainland embassy for further detail of the requirements and effective date.

In addition, all persons (including Chinese nationals) are required to complete a health declaration form,prior to their arrival in Chinese mainland.


All travelers to Mainland China, regardless of vaccination status, are required to undergo a ‘14+7’ days quarantine at a designated location upon their arrival in Chinese Mainland, and receive additional tests for COVID-19.

After 14 days of quarantine in designated hotels, travelers with Shanghai as their destination and do not have a fixed residence in the city will be transferred to designated hotels for the additional 7-days of quarantine. Apart from temperature checks twice daily, they will also undergo COVID-19 tests on the second and seventh day during the week-long observation.