25 April 2024 (Thursday)


 Meeting rooms at Mezzanine Floor


25 April 2024 (Tuesday)




Meeting rooms at Mezzanine Floor


Application Seminars

A broad spectrum of brands from end-user markets, universities and research centres shall gather at the event to share high performance plastics and rubber applications, such as photoelectric cables, circular economy, low-carbon energy, medical sterilization packaging, integrated biomedical engineering, ready-meal packaging, green packaging, automobile safety and environmental protection, etc.


Hot Topics

Sharing by renowned brands, industry leaders, experts, universities, associations, etc.

6Industries, 10Thematic Forums


Embracing a New Era of Energy: Toward a Zero-Carbon Future - Photovoltaic POE Technology Forum
  • Navigating the Technological Challenges in POE Production
  • Foundational Research on POE Polymeric Film Processing
  • Introduction to the Application of Lushan Adhesive Materials in Solar Panel Encapsulation
  • Co-organizers:
  • National Engineering Research Center of Novel Equipment for Polymer Processing
  • Guangzhou Huaxinke Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Association
  • China Plastic Film

Recyclable X Textile

The Future Thread - Collaboratively Paving the Path for Green and Sustainable Textile Development in China and Europe
  • Overview of China’s Sustainable Textile Policies
  • Challenge or Business Opportunity? Exploring the Business Model of Recycling Waste Textiles
  • Textile-related Provisions and Measures in the EU’s Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation
  • Co-organizer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Forum on the Whole Process of Medical Device Development Innovation in the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Interpretation of the new Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices
  • Research, design, development, quality management, and risk control of medical devices
  • Quality control of packaging related links in the production process of medical devices
  • Co-organizer: "Belt and Road" Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance (BRMDIA)
The 3rd International Medical Packaging and Sterilization Forum
  • Updates on global regulations and standards for sterile medical device packaging
  • Requirements and validation for sterile medical device packaging under MDR
  • New design approaches using ethylene oxide sterilization to meet low residue requirements
  • Co-organizer: China Association for Medical Devices Industry Medical Devices Packaging Committee


New Trends and Applications of Catering Packaging Consumption Forum
  • Unveiling the New Opportunities in Chain Catering Takeout
  • Enhance the Quality of Life with Ready-made Meals and Refuse Over-Packaging
  • The Rise of a New Era in Catering: Great Opportunities in Packaging Materials
  • Co-organizer: China Catering Brand Alliance
Plastic Packaging Technology Innovation and Sustainable Development Forum 2024
  • Development of Applications for Green and Low-carbon Materials
  • Safety and Compliance Strategies for Composite Packaging in the Food Industry
  • Production and Application of Single Material Polyolefin Film Bags
  • Co-organizer: Shanghai Packaging Technology Association (SPTA)


New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Forum: Prioritizing Safety, Battery Life and Material Selection
  • Current Landscape and Future Trends in the Development of the New Energy Vehicle Industry
  • Advancement in Safety and Battery Life for New Energy Vehicles
  • Lightweighting and Safety of Power Battery Systems
  • Co-organizer: CP Business Services (Yantai) Co., Ltd.
2024 Technology Forum on Sustainable Development in Automotive Plastics
  • Low-carbon and Sustainable Technologies for Automotive Plastics in New Energy Vehicles
  • Exploration of Recycled Automotive Plastics Applications
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Automotive Interiors
  • Co-organizer: Shanghai OE Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

Electronic and others

Green and Low-Carbon Development Forum for the Communication Cable lndustry
  • China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)
  • Co-organizer: Optical Fiber & Electric Communication
Haizol Industrial Parts Sourcing Forum
  • Co-organizer: Shanghai Haizol Online Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Stay tuned for the detailed agenda!
  • Welcome all plastics and rubber manufacturing enterprises to register our event, and the verified participants will get the free admission to CHINAPLAS 2024 and the conference.;
  • You will receive a QR code for registration and gain confirmation letter to the show once the application is approved, then you can exchange badge onsite.
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