ASEAN adopted the Framework for Circular Economy in October 2021 and aims to achieve its long-term goals of a circular economy, resource efficiency, and sustainable and inclusive growth. All parties are proactively making bold commitments to improve the sustainability of their plastics packaging and to fundamentally redesign their packaging system.

Everyone is in the loop now, including you, me and CHINAPLAS !

In this webinar, renowned representatives in the plastics packaging industry from ASEAN and leading companies will be here. They will share current trends, challenges and future opportunities to achieve a circular economy.

How suppliers, manufacturers and consumers play their roles and deflect the current trajectory to a new pathway? You are able to gain a holistic and insightful view from different perspectives.


•  Current trend in sourcing, the use of material / machinery in production process that resource can be utilized efficiently and reduce waste
•  Offer innovative ways to measure impacts, anticipate their future needs and delivering solutions for improvement
•  An effective way to reduce operating costs, achieve your sustainability goals and enhance your brand image

Date & Time

2021.12.15 (Wed), 14:00-15:30 (GMT+8)




Sustainable packaging value chain towards a circular economy


Section 1 – Individual Presentations
Section 2 – Panel Discussion (Moderated by Mr. Henky Wibawa)
Section 3 – Q&A session

Topic & Speaker

    Mr.Henky Wibawa
    Mr. Mohammad bin Hashim
    Ms. Rachel Jin
    Mr. Mark Vester
Vice President for Education - World Packaging Organisation

Mr. Henky Wibawa

Henky Wibawa serves independent Packaging Consultant and Executive Director of Indonesian Packaging Federation based in Jakarta as well. He has more than 30 years of experience in market and business development and research across the packaging manufacturing industries: Argha Karya PI, VAW Europack, Alcan Flexipack, Amcor Flexibles Indonesia.
General Manager - Product Development & Technical at Daibochi Berhad

Mr. Mohammad bin Hashim

He is with Daibochi for more than 28 years and held the position of Head of Department - Product Development & Technical since 2000. He has extensive experience in converting technology and is responsible for the Company’s Technical/Research and Development department, which is highly regarded by their key customers.
He has been working extensively on sustainable / recyclable plastic packaging solutions for multi-layer laminates for these years with multiple MNCs regional and global technical center in creating solutions and practical application to this subject and achieving their target of 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.
Marketing Director – ENMA Group

Ms. Rachel Jin

Rachel joined ENMA Group in 2014, worked as overseas sales manager and started to be in charge of marketing work since 2018 basically at Chinese area.
She focused on the plastic recycling machinery for many years, especially in shredder and granulator, which is the first stage of material recycling process. Since 2018, ENMA Group is looking for good partner in packaging industry for the whole line recycling, she works as the director of this project.
Rachel has great enthusiasm in the plastic recycling filed, to lead ENMA Group deeply entering the world of plastic packaging.
Global Leader for Circular Economy - SABIC

Mr. Mark Vester

Mark began his career at DSM in 1989. With the purchase of DSM Petrochemicals activities, Mark joined SABIC in 2002 and subsequently held various roles in business and strategy. From 2012 until 2019 he was responsible for SABIC’s polyethylene business in Europe. Currently Mark is SABIC’s global leader for Circular Economy and is driving their TRUCIRCLE™ initiatives.
Mark is also a chair of the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform PCEP.

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